Enterprise Services Blog What Does “Going Digital” Mean to Your Industry?

What Does “Going Digital” Mean to Your Industry?

  • February 22, 2017

By the Application Services ES Product Marketing Team

At Discover London 2016 thousands of IT professionals from around the world discovered how to accelerate innovation in an age of digital disruption. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and our partners can help you turn your ideas into revenue faster than ever before.

Digital technology is re-defining the customer journey. The customer is driving product innovation and delivery across all industries. This disruptive innovation is accelerating shifting markets, processes and technology, with a profound effect on your business. Today, it is asymmetrical warfare. Are you ready?

Our What does “going digital” mean to your industry (BB11610) session features HPE experts as they discuss the industry implications and digital customer experience that will prepare you for the transformation.

The drive to digital is a powerful business transformation, forcing enterprises to re-shape the fundamentals of their business to extend, defend, create and disrupt the ecosystem where…

  • The customer is in charge and will define your next move
  • Asymmetric competition from unexpected sources will be the norm
  • Winners maintain control while they minimize their asset base

HPE is the partner who can look beyond technology and industry boundaries to help you successfully transform your business.

View the session presentation at: What does going digital mean to your industry

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