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HPE Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

  • November 15, 2016

By Tom Hall

Public cloud services are one of the biggest disruptions in the tech market in the past 15 years and we do not see this waning.  Our partner Microsoft is one of the leaders in offering a hyperscale public cloud platform enabling you to more quickly deploy applications without having to procure and implement hardware into your data center. This helps in closing the gap between meeting new business requirements and when IT services are operational to support those requirements.

I purposely state “helps in closing the gap” as there still remains architecture, design, implementation and management tasks associated with any public cloud platform option.

As you embark on a Microsoft Azure strategy, have you considered:

  • How to manage service provisioning and de-provisioning as well as infrastructure configuration management to ensure optimal resource usage (cost implications) based on your application requirements?
  • How to provide operations support, active directory management/integration, operating system patching?
  • Design of a back-up and recovery capability to ensure minimal disruption to your business?
  • The application of security services to ensure that best practices are implemented to protect company data and support security certifications?
  • How will you monitor and manage the use of virtual server, storage and network infrastructure?
  • How you will migrate and/or modernize your applications to the Azure environment?

These are just a few of items you will need to plan for.  Engage with us for a conversation on your MS Azure strategy.  Some advantages of HPE Enterprise Services I would like to call out:

Flexibility: We offer a range of managed service options suited to meet your IT and financial objectives. We do not provide a “one-size-fits-all” managed service approach because workloads and demands are not that simply categorized. Whether you have critical workloads that demand a full suite of services, or a Dev/Test environment that demands a light-touch managed service, we can scale and align to meet those needs.

Global reach: Our service supports all industries, regions, and geographies, and scales to meet enterprise needs. Our scope and scale provides many options for in-country and in-region services and capabilities to suit the demands of your business.

Experience: Our 18,000 Microsoft professionals, and 12,000 ITIL certifications mean that we provide a safe pair of hands for your critical workloads and our Cloud Platform Initiative partnership with Microsoft provides access to one of the largest communities of cloud solutions professionals in the industry.

For more details on this new service offering, see our news advisory – HPE Enterprise Services Introduces Managed Services for Microsoft Azure.


About the Author
Tom Hall, HPE Managed Cloud Marketing Manager.