Enterprise Services Blog Power Up: Enabling the Enterprise Through Operational Analytics

Power Up: Enabling the Enterprise Through Operational Analytics

  • March 14, 2017

By Joe Hill, Analytics Chief Technologist, Analytics & Data Management, and Fellow, Enterprise Services

Make better business decisions and improve the customer experience through the power of data.  

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, and other innovations, just about every action we take results in data that’s being collected and analyzed. A growing number of businesses are using that data, and the resulting analytics, to try to better understand customers and solve a vast array of business problems. In my report, Fully Baked In: An Operational Analytics Manifesto, I discuss exactly why enterprises need to include data and business analytics in decision-making.

For example, automobile manufacturers are carefully monitoring social media to uncover problems that drivers are experiencing with their cars. Armed with that information, they’re trying to not only anticipate potential engineering problems, but also better meet customer needs as they design future models.

Using data to help inform decision-making is known as operational analytics. And while it has enormous potential for virtually every business, getting it right is often easier said than done.

Creating Value—and Learning From It

The steps to operational analytical success hinge on ongoing data discovery and analysis to create value—and then embedding the value back into the business. The process is a complicated one that involves production, decision management, application integration, and decision and data management, among a variety of other factors. To be successful, enterprises must shift from traditional analytics processes to one that integrates analytics across disconnected process domains.

Read my complete report on Enterprise Forward, Fully Baked In: An Operational Analytics Manifesto.