Enterprise Services Blog True Digital Risk: Protecting Identity and Privacy

True Digital Risk: Protecting Identity and Privacy

  • March 27, 2017

Information security and privacy are significantly more complex and fragile with the increase of connected devices providing an ever-increasing number of entry points.

What does it take to ward off pernicious and pervasive cyber-attacks?

Paula Middlehurst interviews Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technologist, Enterprise Security Services to discuss managing identity and privacy, protecting healthcare and financial records and people centric security. Securing information is not just about focusing on technology controls, the people-centric part of security needs to be considered when discerning true digital risk.

Waves of digitalization and regulation are coming together in 2017 to form new threats around personal identity — protecting healthcare, financial and personnel records will be paramount. The first step to developing an effective defense against cyber-attacks is understanding how personal identity meshes with all systems.

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